24 September

Take a peak: ManuSec Europe

By Cecilia Limonta, Head of Content – Cyber Security Summits.

On February 7th-8th 2019, Qatalyst Global will run the second European Cyber Security Summit for the Manufacturing Industry in Munich.
Part of a global series that was launched in Chicago in 2016, I had the pleasure of bringing the first ever European edition to Munich last February. Now, I’m excited to be organising the second. I have been interacting with hundreds of you over the last year and a half – probably including some people reading this. And while I don’t have your expertise, I have been lucky enough to undertake comprehensive research about the industry to help inform the agenda of our conferences.
Today, I’d like to invite you to take a sneak peek at the upcoming ManuSec Europe Summit.

How ManuSec is evolving

If I had to pick the main development, looking back to the beginning of our ManuSec journey roughly three years ago, it would be how considerably the interest has shifted towards the OT space. The series was established to bridge the gap between IT and OT and – may I say – how far we’ve come! With the convergence of industrial control systems and enterprise infrastructure, and legacy equipment being connected through the Industrial Internet of Things, cyber security has become a top-of-the-list priority during the 4th Industrial Revolution. Every year the number of attendees from the factory floor is higher, and the two departments become increasingly engaged with each other. I’d say this is the main driver for change in our agendas, which always strive to be solution-oriented and to reflect current challenges.

So, what are the key themes for 2019?

Feedback from previous attendees, alongside with valuable inputs from our Steering Committee, are shaping next year’s agenda. Below are the top 5 key themes we’ll be delving deeper into during the summit:

1. The alignment between production and IT Security;
2. Conducting OT asset inventories and risk assessments;
3. The integration of IIoT into legacy manufacturing systems;
4. Embedding ICS Security into an enterprise risk management programme;
5. Using cloud services and mobile devices securely in the production environment.

These topics will be explored through a variety of formats, such as panels, case studies, group discussions, and roundtables. For the first time in this Summit series, we’re bringing 20-20 focus groups that will debate controversial issues, such as: enterprise SOC Vs. OT SOC, managed industrial cyber security services Vs. insourcing, one-CISO model Vs. two-CISO model, the role of cyber insurance in the manufacturing space, third party access to manufacturing equipment, and more. Interaction is key, so if you’re attending, do expect to be actively involved!
Want to be part of the conversation?

I am currently on the lookout for speakers from the Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Machinery & Equipment, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Tobacco, and Electronics industries. Do you have ideas and experiences you want to share with your peers? Please do feel free to reach out. And if you have any suggestions, are interested in partnering up or in attending, let’s have a chat!

ManuSec Europe is a CPD certified summit brought to you by Qatalyst Global.

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